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Milk & Dark Chocolate Liver

Milk & Dark Chocolate Liver

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Our anatomically inspired Chocolate Liver is a whimsical and unique gift for medical professionals, perfect for birthdays and special occasions.

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Milk & Dark Chocolate Liver

Our Chocolate Liver is an anatomically inspired replica of the human liver. We painstakingly created this Chocolate liver to be as true to form as possible. While there is no doubt of the vitality of the liver to the body there is also a whimsical side. This unique gift is perfect for one and all.

For Hepatologist's, Gastroenterologists and Primary care physicians and more, a gift of a Chocolate Liver is sure to please. If you want to let your medical professional know how much you appreciate them, there is no better way then with chocolate.

The possibilities are endless for the unique and funny side of our chocolates. For the smitten lovers, add a tag that says “You make my liver quiver.” For the friend that loves a good pun add a tag that reads “Cry Me a Liver.”

Chocolate livers are always a funny gift for 21st birthdays and after new years eve. Paired with our Chocolate Aspirin the laughs keep coming. Our chocolates are not only sure to please but also provide lots of laughs.

Chocolate livers are packed on to a box and are available in either milk or Dark Chocolate. All of our chocolate body parts are made to order, so you always have the freshest possible product.

Our handcrafted custom molds are only available in-store and our online store.