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Chocolate Covered Tastykake Butter Scotch Krimpet

Chocolate Covered Tastykake Butter Scotch Krimpet

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Experience the perfect blend of flavors with our Chocolate Covered Butterscotch Krimpets. Each bite offers a delicious combination of soft, moisttastykake krimpets covered in a rich chocolate coating, providing an indulgent taste that will leave you wanting more. These mouth-watering treats redefine sweetness, making them perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings or adding a touch of delight to any occasion. Enjoy the perfect fusion of butterscotch and chocolate and elevate your snacking experience.

Sold in a box of 4.

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Chocolate Covered Tastykake Butter Scotch Krimpet

Are you looking to send Tastykake Butter Scotch Krimpets to yourself or a loved one? Try our Butterscotch Krimpets! These iconic Philly delights are even more irresistible with a milk chocolate coating. Surprise any Philly fan with this unique twist on the classic treat.

What are Krimpets? Butterscotch Krimpets features a moist sponge cake with delightful butterscotch-flavored icing.

Where are Krimpets baked? Expertly crafted in Philadelphia, these delectable sweets capture the essence of the city's culinary tradition.