Chocolate Covered Onion

For the Person who is "Sweet on the outside but nasty on the inside" 


The Story of Our chocolate covered onion:

In 1983, a comedian named Bob Nelson produced a half-hour-long show in Philadelphia called Double Muppets Hold the Onions. The film studios were right across the street from the Bourse, where Mueller Chocolate then had a storefront. Nelson asked Glenn Mueller Sr., to create the chocolate covered onions so he could use them in the show’s opening gag: the onions were held like a bouquet by a hand that smashed through the title card.


Over 35 years later the The Iconic Philadelphia Chocolate Covered Onion has been Featured in Ripleys Believe it or Not, Bizarre Foods Staring Andrew Zimmern, Good Morning America, Wheel of Fortune, Now This


Traveling to Philadelphia is not complete without Visiting the Liberty Bell, Getting a Cheese steak or coming to see or eat the Chocolate covered onion.

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