Irish Potatoes

Looking for a delicious and unique treat? Look no further than Mueller Chocolate's Irish potatoes! These hand-made treats are perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, and they're made right in Philadelphia. Plus, the center is rich and dense, and it's rolled in cinnamon for an extra bit of flavor. So why not give them a try today?

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Despite their name, Irish potatoes are not from Ireland. Instead, the confection originates from Philadelphia and does not contain any potato at all. Rather, these treats have a coconut cream center rolled into small balls then rolled in cinnamon. Their appearance looks like a small potato and enjoyed after Valentine's day through St. Patrick's day, hence Irish Potatoes.

Irish potatoes are hand-made in our kitchen by our chocolatiers with a dense and chewy sweet coconut center and hand-rolled in cinnamon. Each Box contains 24 hand rolled Irish potatoes.

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